73 : What Hath God Wrought!

“Heaven and Earth and all that there is”

Back in 2011 my grandmother passed away. While my mother and I were cleaning our her closet we discovered an old telegraph key and relay inscribed from 1861. These items belonged to my great great grandfather Richard O’Brien. I was soon to discover that he was one of the four creators of the United States Telegraph Corps. established by Andrew Carnegie and Abraham Lincoln at the outset of the Civil War. After years of research I have uncovered not only a piece of my family history but an untold tale of  the birth of Instant Messaging and it’s impact on our culture and the Civil War. “73: What Hath God Wrought” will be that tale told in the form of a graphic novel.

Richard-John Sketch

The story will be about the O’Brien brothers, Richard and John Emmet. Both teenagers at the start of the war. Their unique position as Telegraph Operators brought them to the front lines of the war effort, put them in contact with the most notable figures of the time, and made them eyewitnesses to some of the most profound moments in American History.

Character Page

For those interested in pursuing genealogy or the Civil War I have begun a blog detailing my research and the story of uncovering my family history here.

Stay tuned for updates and information about this exciting story.